Lead Artist and Freelance Character Artist with 10+ years working in video games on AAA franchises.

(Gears of War 4, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, God of War Ascension, God of War 3, Uncharted)

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Facebook Art Page

Hey all, finally getting a Facebook Art page set up! I'll be updating an instagram and tumblr regularly as well, but keep the finished pieces and big updates happening on the FB page. Give it a Like to stay up to date!


John Wick study #5


Black Tusk - Gears of War

Really excited to share this news (a bit old at this point) but we've announced Microsoft acquired the rights to Gears of War, and Black Tusk will be in charge of development!


CGWorkshops - Digital Sculpture: The Male Figure

This February I'll begin teaching an online course at CGWorkshops! Hopefully the first of many, the focus will be digitally sculpting the male figure. You can check out the course details here.


Microsoft - Black Tusk Studios!

I've recently taken a position at Microsoft's Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver as their Lead Character Artist. Looking forward to doing some great work with the folks up North!


God of War: Ascension - Beauty Renders

Thought I'd get around to making some of my own renders of a few of the characters I worked on for GOWA, as well as some Zbrush screen grabs. The Cyclops pictured below was an early model that never quite made it into the game...


V-Ray - Skin Pass #2

Totally reworked the skin material (it just wasn't working before), as well as new diffuse, normal and gloss maps. I'll be plugging in a diffuse mask and possibly an SSS map soon as well. The diffuse mask will allow me to add elements of dust and dry skin flaking to the surface (things that shouldn't be as heavily impacted by subsurface scattering). I've also been implementing a more studio-style light setup as the pure HDRI lighting is realistic, but lacks the impact and contrast you can get with directional lighting.


Ed Harris - Blendshape animation

First pass at a blendshape test in Zbrush, the animation is very linear but it gets the idea across!


Blend Shapes - Zbrush Study

Took a pass at a couple expressions, not final but I may do some simple animation tests to proof out.

high-resolution here


V-Ray - Skin Refinement

Getting closer to final (pre-hair) need to tone down the general bump and work on a nicer eye set up. Blend shapes are up next!